RTVE awards UTE Viafirma-Viavansi the Electronic Document Signature service (Portable signature)


SRTC bet, state company responsible for the television and radio public service management in Spain, consolidates the Viafirma Group in the vanguard of trusted electronic services.

Last March, the Spanish Radio and Television Corporation (SRTC) awarded UTE Viafirma-Viavansi the electronic document signature or portable signature services, for an amount exceeding € 560,000, in a 3 years project with an optional extension of 3 additional years. SRTC granted the highest technical qualification, 39.5 points out of a maximum of 40, to the offer of the UTE Viafirma – Viavansi.

The project, conceived as turnkey, consists of the implementation of our electronic portable signature software Viafirma Inbox, displayed in a private cloud for SRTC, with characteristics of centralized electronic signature.

In this case, the user’s certificate resides in a hardware security module (HSM), and is activated by its owner through the combination of strong identification mechanisms, both in desktop web applications and in a mobility environment. The system is integrated with the corporation security systems.

This project is another evidence of how Viafirma Group is consolidating as a company specialized in contributing to the advancement of companies in their digital transformation process, providing solutions that truly make them more efficient and optimize resources.