7 advantages of the digital signature for distribution companies

The rise of e-commerce and online business models are some of the factors that have contributed to the fact that we are in a good time for distributors. However, in many cases, the growth has been so rapid and so sudden that some companies have encountered difficulties when implementing their own digital transformation. In this article we tell you how the implementation of solutions based on digital signature represent a key success factor for distribution companies.

The distribution companies, especially the large companies, have seen their sector transformed very sharply and in a very short period of time. Factors such as the increase of online purchases, the development of large platforms such as Amazon or eBay, as well as the digitization of many businesses have led to the customer’s demand changing and therefore their needs as well.

As explained in a study by Deloitte, other factors that have had a great impact on this process are: digitization, increased competition, increased user demand, product innovations or disintermediation.

The digital transformation has become a reality for the distribution companies and in many cases a key success factor to be able to tackle the volume of requests they have to face.

The distribution companies need to handle a large amount of documentation and, in addition, they have many processes in which different people are involved. That is why the application of solutions that speed up, digitizing, is a great advantage. Thus, digital signature solutions such as Documents are a key ally for the success of distribution companies, saving time and providing the flexibility they need.

Documents make use of the digital signature or biometric signature. This is the electronic handwritten signature that is made on graphic tablets, usually in shopping centers or in the reception of packages in messaging services.

This type of signature is legally binding and admissible as valid evidence before any court because the Suite’s solutions meet all the requirements of the advanced electronic signature. All this is supported by the eIDAS regulation (EU 910/2014), applicable throughout the European Union.

Below we explain some of the advantages offered by the inclusion of solutions based on digital signature for the distribution companies.

7 Advantages of using digital signature-based solutions for distribution companies

Reduction of costs

One of the benefits of working in a paperless digital environment is precisely the reduction of storage, paper and, of course, environmental costs. In addition, if the tool is easy to integrate with other corporate e-business solutions (CRM, ERP, etc.), it reduces and even eliminates costs of integration, maintenance, processing or learning times.

The need for messaging to sign any contract, or modification of services, provided there is no physical delivery or receipt of merchandise, can be eliminated completely.

It is added to all this saving of elements for printing, etc. With the digital signature, all this is minimized or disappears since it allows it to be replaced by digital generation, processing and archiving.

Greater agility in the processes

The distribution companies, especially the larger ones, have many processes and long chains of hierarchy that can slow the work down a lot since the approval of each of the parties is needed.

Thanks to this type of digital signature solutions, these processes are streamlined and no one’s work is hindered by the inevitable delays. In this way, the efficiency of the company increases considerably.

empresas distribuidoras

Greater mobility

Not only is there savings in that sense, but the inherent mobility of this type of signatures avoids unnecessary displacements. The meetings to reach agreements are constant, but at the time of signing, it is not necessary to be in the same place at the same time. In this way, no time or money is lost in the middle of traffic jams.

In addition, thanks to viafirma fortress, mobility for the user is complete. This solution allows the use of the centralized signature or signature in the cloud. This eliminates the responsibility of the certificate owner to be constantly worried about where to store it. By having it in the cloud, it is permanently accessible and with higher security standards than on any computer or mobile phone.

Mobility is a great help for the commercial department, which is constantly negotiating with suppliers and other partners necessary to keep the company running and to be able to expand. The digital signature that prevents is that neither party reconsiders the terms and backs down. At the moment in which something is agreed, it is signed, thanks to the mobility provided by this type of solution.

Greater flexibility when signing contracts

Once again, we return to the concept of mobility, which is one of the keys to the great benefits of the digital signature. The commercial department is constantly negotiating with suppliers and other partners necessary to keep the company running and expand. And, not only do we talk about mobility within a city, but also travel to trade fairs or close agreements with companies from other countries.

Likewise, at the time of reception, whether it is B2B or B2C, the implementation of digital signature solutions simplifies the process and avoids the loss of delivery notes and other documents.

Greater security in the signature

If there is no proper organization, contracts signed in paper are in danger of getting lost or destroyed by external causes (fire or a flood, for example). The digital signature, thanks to its storage in the cloud, makes it impossible for these accidents to occur.

This type of signatures also contains more elements and ways to make it even more secure, such as biometric data, geolocation or time stamping. All this is encoded and encrypted within a single file and strictly complying with the current legislation.

Greater control and better defense against delivery fraud

It is much more legally reliable delivery of a product with a signature in Documents, than the simple doodle on a paper, because in the act of the signature can be collected not only the inimitable “footprint” grafological, but you can pick up the time and the exact site of signature, and other technical or biometric evidences that make irretrievable the act of collection and the identity of the receiver and improve the control of deliveries, being able even in some tool like Documents to see in real time the map of all the deliveries of the company.

Improvement in customer satisfaction

All these benefits mentioned above have a direct and very positive impact on customer satisfaction.

The saving of costs, both economic and time, allows allocating those resources to other more important issues and improving their service, in addition to being more responsible with the environment. Also, who likes to move to change a contract? Sign a sign? Give consent for a modification of a service? Therefore, offering the possibility of doing it digitally from a mobile phone or computer is reason for many customers to choose the services of the distributor. The improvement of efficiency and competitiveness of a distribution company ends up benefiting its customers.

Greater responsibility with the environment

One of the consequences of eliminating the role of running a business (paperless office) is a direct benefit to the environment. The positive effect that a company has is much greater than that of a single person, so it is even more important to have a responsible conscience.

Among the citizenship, responsibility with the environment is something very valued at present, so to dispense with the use of paper can also be beneficial for the image and position as a conscious company.

In short, the adoption of digital signature tools is a very beneficial decision for all processes within a distribution company, which ends up affecting the service offered to customers and their satisfaction.

Viafirma solutions are very simple tools to use and easily adaptable for any company, without the need for their employees to have a great knowledge of IT or technology, as this practical guide for implementing it in an office demonstrates.

It’s not wrong, but it’s too much.

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