3rd Anniversary of viafirma mobile release on iOS / Android

It seems incredible, but a day like today, three years ago we became the first platform to support authentication and digital signature on these mobile devices. And the line of innovation and research we follow today is not a thing of one day. It’s funny, at least, the go back in time and see the post in this blog where we announce the release of both mobile clients. If you look carefully, stands out when it comes to CAs supported by viafirma platform, the Spanish e-ID stand; Not available for iPhone / iPad / Android“, something long past (at least on iOS) thanks to our viafirma smartcard reader (e-ID reader for iPad / iPhone).

Viafirma y los dispositivos compatibles

Autoridades de certificación soportadas por la plataforma

Además, como veis, la familia de dispositivos soportados por viafirma se ha ido ampliando y seguirá haciendolo con futuras mejoras innovadores que iremos desvelando en los próximos meses (puedo adelantar sin dar muchas pistas, nuevos “juguetitos” hardware).

Also, as you see, the family of devices supported by viafirma has expanded and will continue doing so with future innovative enhancements that we will be revealing in coming months (I can not give many clues , but I can advance new hardware toys”).

Por último, aprovecho para recordaros que los clientes siguen estando disponibles gratuitamente en los markets (junto con los de Blackberry y Windows Phone) así como nuevas apps nativas, como es el cliente nativo iOS de viafirma inbox.

Finally, I’ll take the opportunity to remind you that the client are still freely available on the markets (along with the Blackberry and Windows Phone ones) and so are new native apps, such as the native client for iOS of viafirma inbox.

Descargar viafirma iOS

Descargar viafirma mobile para Android

¡¡Congratulations viafirma mobile!! 😉

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